About Midhyaf

Shaping the Future of Hospitality Talents

What is Midhyaf?

OMRAN’s new training for employment programme

Midhyaf is a highly specialised training for employment programme established by Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group) in partnership with the Ministry of Labour. The programme parallels with the goals of Oman 2040 Vision and the National Tourism Strategy by creating a sustainable platform to increase Omanisation and unlock the potential of Omani talents in the tourism and hospitality sector.

With a unified vision towards national development, Midhyaf will see collaborative efforts between OMRAN Group, Oman Tourism College, OMRAN Hospitality Assets to actively mobilise the skills of aspiring Omanis and equip them with the required local, regional, and global know-how to excel in the tourism and hospitality sector, and ultimately emerge as the future champions of the Sultanate’s burgeoning tourism and hospitality sector.

Alignment With Oman Vision 2040

Midhyaf programme is in alignment with Oman Vision 2040’s development guidelines; our core purpose is to contribute to the tourism and hospitality sector, so that the country’s youth realise their full potential, and actively contribute to driving the economic growth of the country.

These efforts also converge with the goals of the National Tourism Strategy 2040, which outlines a clear approach to developing the tourism and hospitality sector with the aim of maximising its.


Building on the importance of Omanisation, the Midhyaf programme places heightened emphasis on contributing to increasing Omanisation across OMRAN Group’s tourism and hospitality assets from the overall 40 percent – which is considered so far larger than the private sector average – and boost it further to over 50 percent within one year.

Our Aspiration

Transform the local cultural mindset of the tourism and hospitality sector in the Sultanate by offering a platform that leads to the creation of talented Omanis contributing to the ‘growth’ phase of the National Tourism Strategy 2040.

Our Goals
  1. Align the programme with the National Tourism Strategy 2040 to contribute to OMRAN Group’s vision of leading the tourism and hospitality sector in Oman
  2. Support Ministry of Labour’s (MoL) targets regarding creating more job opportunities for Omanis
  3. Provide new meaning to the vocational training programme offerings of Oman Tourism College