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OMRAN Group launches ‘Creatourism’ Programme with a competition to manage the art space at InterContinental Muscat

8 September 2021

With the belief that the Omani youth reserves the creativity, zeal and passion to contribute effectively to the tourism sector in Oman, Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group) – the executive arm of the Sultanate for tourism development – announced the launch of its new “Creatourism” programme. The introduction of this programme comes within the Group’s initiatives to promote art, culture and heritage in various development projects and hotels of the Group.

The programme aims to support and encourage aspiring Omani artists and entrepreneurs specialised in the field of arts management to showcase their talents by getting involved in creative initiatives led by OMRAN Group. The ‘Creatourism’ initiative will give these artists the opportunity to deploy their skills and capabilities to operate shops, supervise exhibitions and organise artistic and cultural activities in various tourist facilities. This will in turn provide the necessary value-added services that will help enhance the touristic experiences in the country.

Along with the launch of the ‘Creatourism’ programme, OMRAN Group also announced its very first competition where the winner gets the opportunity to manage and operate the art space at InterContinental Muscat Hotel. The competition is targeted at creative Omani entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises specialized in the field of art. The Group encourages all those interested to send in their proposals in accordance with the conditions outlined in the competition.

Commenting on the launch of the new programme, Mr. Hashil bin Obaid Al Mahrouqi, CEO of OMRAN Group, said, “Through our ongoing efforts, OMRAN Group has demonstrated unfaltering commitment to enhancing the tourism sector in the Sultanate. ‘Creatourism’ is a unique programme that will bring together creative minds from all over the country, and we, in turn, will ensure that they are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents and contribute effectively to the tourism sector. Promoting tourism and enhancing the overall experience has always been one of the important areas of focus for the country. We are confident that this initiative will receive an overwhelming response in the market and help the aspiring youth achieve their dreams.”


Al Mahrouqi further stated, “Our first competition launched under the ‘Creatourism’ programme seeks to attract Omani entrepreneurs and specialists in the fields of arts, culture, heritage, contemporary design and creative ideas. The winner gets a chance to create an art space of their own at InterContinental Muscat Hotel. While our plans to implement the same for other properties and tourist sites are underway, we encourage all those interested to seize this opportunity and participate in the first competition.”

For more information and details about the competition, visit the official social media pages of OMRAN Group:  @OmranGroupOm


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