About Omran

Who We Are?

As part of its strategy to diversify the economy away from a heavy reliance on oil and gas revenues, the Oman Government identified the tourism sector as one of the key drivers of future growth for the Sultanate.

Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN) was established in 2005 by the Government as the executive arm of the Sultanate responsible for delivering the objectives contained in the 2040 National Tourism Strategy. OMRAN works closely with the Ministry of Tourism and other governmental entities to identify priorities, projects and opportunities that will maximise the potential of the Sultanate’s tourism sector.

What We DO?

The Government provides OMRAN with funding, land and assets which are used to:

–  Develop and asset manages distinctive hotels and resorts.
–  Enter into Development Partnerships and with local and foreign developers
and investors to create new tourism and mixed-use master planned communities.
–  Manage heritage, cultural and outdoor activity sites and experiences.
–  Develop and manage strategic tourism and business infrastructure such as the
Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre which participates in the regional
MICE industry.
–  Promote Oman as a destination through hosting international sporting events
and emphasizing Oman’s maritime heritage by competing in international Sailing events
–  Prepare Omani’s for a career in tourism through training and educational programs
at the Oman Tourism College.

Our Mandate

Growth Through Tourism

OMRAN creates sustainable and authentic tourism assets, lifestyle communities and destinations that drive economic growth and contribute to the diversification of the economy.

We achieve our mandate by acting alone or as a catalyst in bringing together the strength of Government with the entrepreneurship of the private sector.

We work with all stakeholders, partners, SMEs and local communities to ensure a positive physical, social, economic contribution to both the environment and people’s lives while respecting the traditional culture and environmental values of Oman.

We are inspired by Oman’s beauty, peace and hospitality.


Operating Review

Omran’s pivotal role in developing tourism infrastructure, investing in tourism enterprises, and managing hospitality assets within the Sultanate has continued to evolve year-on-year. The aim of the Omran Annual Operating Review is to provide our stakeholders with a transparent and comprehensive progress report on the projects under development, investment and management, and how the organisation is developing internally. At the same time, using a triple bottom line approach, we try to show how, as a responsible developer, Omran’s projects and initiatives have empowered our communities. The following pages aim to present a clear exposition of 2013.

Operating Review

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