OMRAN Group conceptualized and initiated Zaree; an income generating all-female micro-tourism business located in Khasab

Empowering women

It provides tourists with various traditional Omani experiences through the opportunity to try on traditional hand-made Omani garments, have henna applied, learn common Arabic phrases and sample the very best of local cuisine. ‘Zaree’, takes its name from a type of thread, usually made of fine gold or silver that is used in intricate brocade work. Like the thread, Zaree is a sparkling addition that enriches the experience of tourists in Oman. As the first project of its kind in the Middle East, the programme’s progression has been encouraged through exhibition participation and support from Omran’s extensive network.

Combining intensive training courses and real life experiences, the initiative has created new vistas for Omani women to become business owners and future entrepreneurial leaders in the tourism industry. This rare insight into the lives of these Khasab ladies created a distinctive platform to bridge cultures and exchange ideas while creating jobs, generating revenue and promoting the characteristic beauty of the Sultanate.

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