Press Release

OMRAN Group Announces the Winner of ‘Creatourism’ Competition

22 November 2021

As part of the Group’s initiatives to promote art, culture and heritage in various development projects and hotels, Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group) has recently announced that “Makan Studios” won the first place in its ‘Creatourism’s’ first competition that invited SMEs and Omani talents to participate in managing the art space at InterContinental Hotel Muscat.

Makan Studio was appointed following an evaluation process and criteria that includes the participant experience and portfolio, business strategy design and product sales model, concept design and artwork display, capabilities in arts events management. It has demonstrated its creative capabilities.

“The ‘Creatourism’ programme was conceptualised with a vision to bring together creative minds from across the country and encourage them to participate in the enhancement of the tourism sector in Oman. With Makan Studio becoming the first local SME to operate the art space at Intercontinental hotel, it gives me great pride to announce that we have been able to achieve precisely what we had envisioned. We will continue to remain invested in our efforts as we set new tourism horizons for innovation, that revolves around our Oman’s authentic culture and heritage.” said Hassan Meer, Branding Art & Culture Manager at OMRAN Group.

Commenting on this milestone event, Futoon Al Mahrouqi, Co-founder of Makan Studio said, “We are indeed delighted to have emerged winners of the ‘Creatourism’ programme that saw the active participation of several art management firms from across the country. This unique initiative led by OMRAN Group truly reiterates the commitment of the brand to empower the local communities and help them showcase their talents. Managing the art space at InterContinental Muscat Hotel is an honour, and we will ensure that we dutifully carry out the responsibilities that we have been entrusted with. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to OMRAN Group and InterContinental Muscat Hotel for acknowledging our efforts.”

Anna-Marie, General Manager at InterContinental Muscat, said, “It is our honor to be able to share the InterContinental hotel space for constructive and innovative national programmes like Creatourism. We commend the efforts of OMRAN Group in consistently planning and implementing initiatives that not only preserve Oman’s art, culture, and heritage, but also provide impetus to the local SMEs. InterContinental Hotel Muscat is pleased to be the first hotel to host the art space under this programme.”

The ‘Creatourism’ initiative will also broaden the horizons of collaboration between OMRAN Group and local art and culture SMEs by giving such talents the opportunity to deploy their skills and capabilities to operate shops, supervise exhibitions and organise artistic and cultural activities in various tourist facilities.

For more information and details about the competition, visit the official social media pages of OMRAN Group:  @OmranGroupOm