Omran’s staff are its greatest asset. We are successfully working towards developing a diverse team of Omani and international talent who are passionate and committed to developing a sustainable future for Oman as a key tourist destination. If you are interested in developing the future of tourism with Omran, click on the link below for career opportunities.

Human Capital

At Omran we live by our values and encourage all our staff to do the same:

We recruit and develop talent with know-how – people who understand the citizens, government heritage and environment of Oman

We employ individuals who embody the respectful spirit inherent in Oman and its culture, and apply this to developing Oman’s future

We actively seek passionate people who go beyond – continuously pushing the boundaries of what is expected and what can be achieved.

Our diverse team gives us and our partners access to experienced workforce to execute projects to the highest standards across our key verticals of investment, asset management and development. We create an environment which empowers our employees to bring their ideas and expertise to our projects to develop Omran as an organization and in turn, Oman as a destination.


Omran believes strongly in the importance of investing in developing existing talent. We provide on the job training for all of our employees to ensure we are able to provide clients and stakeholders with services which exceed their expectations. We work with our employees to develop training programmes catered specifically to their needs to constantly challenge them.

Work at OMRAN

OMRAN is continuously on the look out for new talent to help us grow our team and collective expertise. If you are interested in joining Omran please visit our E-Careers Website where you will be able to share your information with us and access the latest job postings.

Graduate Development Program

As part of OMRAN Group’s development initiative, the Graduate Development Program (GDP ) is intended to employ and equip exceptional young graduates with the experience and skills to inaugurate their careers and contribute to their sustainable development goals in line with Oman Vision 2040.

The Graduate Development Program will enable young professionals prepare for future leadership roles and responsibilities within the organisation, as they will be trained in a wide range of disciplines throughout OMRAN Group’s operations and projects.

Midhyaf Programme

Midhyaf is a highly specialised training for employment programme established by Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group) in partnership with the Ministry of Labour. The programme parallels with the goals of Oman 2040 Vision and the National Tourism Strategy by creating a sustainable platform to increase Omanisation and unlock the potential of Omani talents in the tourism and hospitality sector

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